About Us

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We've gathered stories with impact from across the planet.

Our work has taken us from the mass graves of Srebrenica to hacker conventions in Vegas.

Along the way, we've chronicled everything from combat in Afghanistan to kids in post-Katrina New Orleans struggling to reach their dreams.

In many places, folks have let us into their lives and entrusted us with truths some haven't even shared with family yet. 

It's a daunting responsibility.

Every story is a challenge. Every story is a treasure. The best linger in heart and mind long after the screen goes black.

We've spent the past two decades honing our craft to tackle them all with the unflinching honesty and creativity they deserve. 

In all, Brave Planet Films (formerly Hoggard Films) has produced and created more than 100 full-length documentaries, numerous short doc message films and nearly 20 non-fiction television series.

Whether crafting feature film quality scenes, verite field docs or targeted messaging campaigns, we limit ourselves to a single, overriding mission: to tell smart stories that matter.

Our clients have ranged from National Geographic, PBS, NOVA and the Rockefeller Foundation to Discovery Networks, US Department of State, American Cancer Society, UK Drive TV, UK Channel 4 and the White House National Security Council.

Past productions have earned numerous awards, including two Emmy® nominations - most recently for Best Long Form History Documentary - and one Emmy® win.



  • The courage you demonstrated while under extreme duress in a combat environment was remarkable. The personal sacrifice you made to capture the realities of war is praiseworthy.
    — Col. Christopher K Hass, Commander US Army Special Forces, Afghanistan
  • “Wow” is the only word I can find to describe this show. It’s about as raw and gritty as you can get.
    — Howard Swartz, EP National Geographic, regarding LA GANGS - WHY BOYS BANG
  • The footage was genuine and I have no regrets. I really enjoyed how the program provided choices. I do not believe in following blindly nor do I believe in hiding the truth.
    — Zelpha Chatwin, ‘sister wife’ featured in Polygamy: Life in Bountiful
  • They bled together and survived together. Thank you so much for all that you've done for these men and my father.
    — Fernando Acevedo, son of GI & Berga Holocaust survivor, Sgt. Tony Acevedo