Berga: Hitler's GI Death Camp

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Berga: Full Documentary


  • National Emmy Award nominee for Best Historical Long Form Documentary

  • Writer / Director: Steve Hoggard

  • Director of Photography: Ryan Hill, Gary Grieg

  • Executive Producers: David Hill, Daphna Rubin, Steve Hoggard

  • Senior Producer: Char Serwa

  • Edited By: Lyman Smith

  • Narrated By: Liev Schreiber

Story Segment: GI’s begin their long journey into captivity.

When Americans think of GI’s and the Holocaust, they envision young soldiers liberating death camps. They don’t think of American GI’s themselves being victims in the Nazi’s Final Solution. But in a place called Berga, American POW’s became just that, working and dying as slave laborers in one of Hitler’s most secretive concentration camps.

This is their story.


Berga: American POWs Begin their Long Walk into Captivity