Clearing the Killing Fields

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  • Written and Directed by: Daphna Rubin

  • Executive Producers: Steve Hoggard, Daphna Rubin, Jenny Apostol

  • Executive in Charge of Production: Bryan Smith

  • Co-Production Executive: Brenda Wooding

  • Director of Photography: Dave Goulding

In CLEARING THE KILLING FIELDS, viewers hold their breath with the professional minesweeping teams who, each day, search Sarajevo’s battle-scarred cityscape for hidden killers and risk all to rid the land of a deadly menace.

Will they succeed-or will more innocent lives be taken? Mines never rest, they’re relentlessly deadly and cannot discriminate between civilian and soldier… And here in Bosnia years after the guns have fallen silent – they still take massive life.

In this story, viewers first meet 13-year-old Damir Vatres who lost part of his arm and one of his eyes to the hidden threat.

We then join Bosnian dog handler, Neda Brkovic, and her minesweeping dog, Bonza, at the Canadian Canine Countermine School, as they learn to work together to detect and eliminate the mines that threaten their countrymen.

Throughout the program, we follow a team of demining professionals as they risk life and limb to rid Sarajevo’s neighborhoods and parks of their silent foe. Along the way, we learn about the tools, technology and dog training methods these heroes bring to bear.

Last year alone, 34 deminers died in the effort.

And, unfortunately, the job is far from done.