Immortal Comrade

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In truth, Lenin himself was adamant that he didn’t want to be embalmed.

Had he known his body would be preserved as a pseudo-religious artifact – it would’ve left him turning in his grave.

If he had one…

Learn of the odd and ongoing fate of the founder of a superpower: a man whose bodily remains have outlasted the empire he created.

Today, Lenin’s embalmers still tend to his corpse as they’ve done for nearly a century now.

But with times a-changing and those with living memories of the Soviet Union slowly disappearing from the scene, the scientists of Lenin’s tomb – once a lauded and pampered bunch – are scrambling to reinvent themselves and their lab as a ‘mummy renovation’ facility to stay in business.

Today, just across Red Square from Lenin’s Mausoleum, sits one of Russia’s shiniest and most extravagant malls. Forces here are building to remove the venerable leader from Red Square altogether.

Which, at least in part, is what Lenin would’ve probably wanted all along…