Inside the Green Berets: Afghanistan

Green Berets Slideshow 09.jpeg


  • Writer / Director: Steve Hoggard

  • Director of Photography: Ryan Hill

  • Executive Producers: Daphna Rubin, Steve Hoggard, Howard Swartz

In a remote outpost in south-central Afghanistan, 24 Americans work to ‘pacify’ a hostile river valley the size of Rhode Island.

They are Green Berets: U.S. Army Special Forces charged with battling the Taliban and Al Qaeda while winning the hearts and minds of locals who often see the Americans as simply the latest of a string of invaders dating back centuries.

The Pentagon normally limits media embeds with Navy SEALs and Green Berets to 48-hours. The Hoggard team was given 10 days in the combat zone to chronicle the lives of these war-hardened Special Force troopers.

But in the dead of night, on a distant Afghan ridge, the trip is cut brutally short, leaving 8 Green Berets and two of our film crew dead or wounded in the worst mass casualty event to date for Special Forces in Afghanistan.