LA Gang Wars: Why Boys Bang

LA Gangs Vimeo 01.jpg


For young gang members in south central Los Angeles, the “hood” is a brutal war zone, where streets and reputations are vehemently defended, often to the death.

The Hoggard camera team goes into this violent world for seven months — a period during which more than 60 L.A. residents will be killed or wounded in gang shootings.

Our goal is to learn why boys bang and listen to the stories of those entangled in this chilling cycle of bloodshed. Along the way, we head to an amazing school & meet a heroic priest named Father Stan Bosch working to engage boy bangers in therapy so they’ll discuss the anger & violence in their lives before pulling the trigger.

In the midst of production, a vicious gang war breaks out that impacts Father Stan and the kids in ways no one expected…