Savage Evidence

Srebrenica Slideshow 01.jpg


  • Written & Directed By: Daphna Rubin and Steve Hoggard

  • Director of Photography: Dave Goulding

  • Executive Producers: Daphna Rubin, Steve Hoggard, Jenny Apostol

  • Executive in Charge: Bryan Smith

  • Co-Production Executive: Brenda Wooding

  • A Co-Production of: Hoggard Films, National Geographic International, Channel 4 UK

This story follows the work of the United Nations forensics investigation team that, often under armed guard, searches for mass graves hidden in the hills around Srebrenica.

Led by a fiercely determined Australian detective, the team seeks to uncover the dead, identify the bodies for relatives seeking closure, reconstruct the crime and bring those responsible for the largest European massacre since World War Two to justice.

In telling their story and those of the survivors, we revisit the war and tell the tale of when a small, Dutch peacekeeping unit at a crossroads just outside Srebrenica handed over nearly 10,000 Bosnian men, boys, women and children to the Serb paramilitaries who became their executioners.